Is there an up-to-date coin catalague on-line?

Yes,The Benchmark Catalogue of Australian pre Decimal coins (1910-1964) is available on-line and it is packed with information,images and interactive menus. (www.benchmarkcoincatalogue.com)

What makes a coin or banknote valuable ?

With real estate it is location ! location ! location ! With coins and banknotes it is condition ! condition ! condition ! 

All coins and banknotes start out as new, but most find their way into circulation over the course of time, as was their intended purpose.

In time a coin or banknote produced in large numbers can still become scarce if few were set aside by collectors. Coins and banknotes that were originally made in small numbers will become rarities whose values are also determined by the condition in which they have survived.

Unfortunately for hoarders commemorative issues do not generally follow this rule. A coin or banknote will not appreciate in value even if they were made in small numbers if nearly all of them were souvenired and kept.

Do pennies have any value ?

Unless there was a serious collector in your family it is safe to assume that your jar of pennies are in average circulated condition. Heavily circulated pennies are generally only worth a few cents but anyone with even a scant knowledge of coins is aware that the Australian 1930 Penny is a valuable coin and can be worth thousands of dollars even in average condition. The 1925 and the 1946 Pennies are two other key dates that are worth tens of dollars in average circulated condition.

What about halfpennies ?

The 1923 Halfpenny is the key coin in the series and can be worth hundreds of dollars even in average circulated condition. Other dates are generally valued at only a few cents each.

How much is my Dollar note worth ?

Most Dollar notes are still only worth their face value. They are very common at the moment and they are only worth keeping for the future if they are in perfect condition. Retail price starts at five dollars for the last issue note in uncirculated condition.

Are one cent and two cent coins worth money ?

Although no longer in circulation used 1c and 2c coins are of no collector value, and are best kept as souvenirs or donated to your favourite charity.